Upcoming Ban in the Netherlands

This article will be extended as new information becomes available.

Update June 25th:
The Senate has additional questions about the upcoming ban. Since another written round of questions is planned for July 9th and the summer break starts on July 10th (till September 9th), the discussion and vote on the bill will happen after the summer break. Therefore, the ban is expected to take effect earliest around end of September to beginning of October 2024 depending on how quickly things move after the break.

Original post:
In July 2024 (exact date currently unknown), a new Dutch law will heavily restrict many research chemicals, including amphetamines, phenethylamines, cathinones, and cannabinoids.
This basically will ban most of our products somewhere in July, with more details expected by June 25th.

We recommend placing your orders soon before it’s too late. Products that sell out will not be restocked anymore.

The following list of product that we stock will be banned as expected in July 2024:

MDPHP Freebase
NEP (N-Ethylpentedrone)

Synthetic cannabinoids

After the ban will become in effect we will never sell these substances again.

What now?

We recommend placing your orders soon before it’s too late.

Although many products will disappear expectedly in July we will expand and stock new products that are not affected by the ban.

Please note that the products that are banned will not have alternatives because the whole product group will be affected.

What is the date?

The exact date of the ban is unclear. We will update this article when more information becomes available around June 25th.

More information about this topic can be found on the following website in Dutch:


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